Bruno Moinard Editions

In addition to the furniture Bruno Moinard has designed for private and public spaces, it became natural for him to create his own line. Much like a painter in front of a sketch that reveals a new facet of his imagination, he began to design and create his first French-made armchairs, tables, lamps, consoles and light fittings. The collection was launched in January 2014.

Each piece of furniture give off a clarity that characterizes all of Bruno Moinard’s architectural projects. An elegant and sensual thread, an ever-present simplicity, something at once immaterial, tangible and timeless. If the curve of an armrest, the oval of a lampshade or the purity of a table contains a hint of certain aesthetic codes drawn from the decorative arts of the 20th century, it is above all according to his own personal style that the interior architect has reinterpreted classicism, comfort and elegance. His perspective on the present and the future is reflected in the new shapes, in alternating shine and matte, in the attention to detail, handcrafting and the mix of materials. Graphic, strong and sensual are the major characteristics of the furniture by the architect-designer. Combining linearity and roundness, symmetry and asymmetry, balance and imbalance, as well as humour, as we see on the yellow undersides of many of the furniture pieces, each of these line has been conceived as unusual and harmonious combinations. They form warm and contemporary atmospheres without ever being radical.

AVENUE ROAD carries a curated assortment of Bruno Moinard pieces, however please click here to see their full catalogue.

Instagram: @brunomoinardeditions


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