Laeufer & Keichel

Their designs are a tribute to the pure, the purity of the material and the durability of the form. Out of conviction they are committed to acting sustainably and feel obligated to the principle of making products that can be repaired as this is the only way to ensure their longevity over generations. Repair and maintenance deepen the relationship between the person and the product.

They have followed the principle of combining ideas, design and ecology since they were founded in 1990.

They process only hardwoods from sustainable forestry and forego chemical treatment of the wood. The surfaces are treated with organic oils and left porous, allowing our furniture to breathe and retaining their natural character.

In cooperation with international designers, they develop concepts that reach people all over the world who share their attitude. The design follows contemporary needs and resource-saving use. Over the course of time each piece of their furniture remains a favourite piece.

AVENUE ROAD carries a curated assortment of Zeitraum pieces, however please click here to see their full catalogue.



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