Tailor-made to your taste. With three generations of craftsmen under one roof, there isn’t a problem Obumex hasn’t already tackled. Each project is custom-made in its concept, which means, no matter how large or small the project is, you can be rest assured Obumex and our team will take you through a guided process that gives you complete control over every detail.

The Belgian kitchen and closet company has been an absolute style and quality reference in its home country for 3 generations. In 2016 we partnered with Obumex as we saw a gap in the North American market for completely bespoke kitchens that don’t use modular systems. Allowing imagination to be the only limitation, from copper cabinetry to leather lined shelves, it is possible with Obumex.

Signature Kitchens

Limitless options can be intimidating so there are limited edition kitchen concepts from iconic creators like Bruno Moinard, John Pawson, Joseph Dirand, Glenn Sestig, and Patrick Gilles & Dorothée Boissier for a distinct perspective to start from.

Concept & Planning Assistance

Hand us a mood board, functional requirements and we can craft a detailed plan that considers all the finer elements.

Completely Custom

Everything is made completely to your specification so you never have to build based on modular components.

Styles to Suit

Modernist to traditional and every transition between. Obumex can create any atmosphere as long as it is one of the highest of quality.


Contact our kitchen experts to consult with you on your unique requirements.


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