Gilles Et Boissier Signature Kitchen

Through a deep exploration and comprehensive design process, each Bespoke Obumex Kitchen project is unique and fully made-to-measure, with no detail left untouched.
With Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier’s signature creation, “kitchen and living space fuse together into a single universe of elegant luxury.” If the strict lines and distinctive taste for fine woods can be attributed to Patrick Gilles, Dorothée Boissier, for her part, contributes a mastery of spatial fluidity and intuitive elegance. A ravishing quartet of wood, marble, modernism, and style, the combination of durable materials and complex textures forms a natural balance between robust boldness and refined elegance.

Gilles Et Boissier

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Design Story

Gilles Et Boissier

Fascinated by Opera and theatre’s sets and atmospheres, Dorothée Boissier starts her career at an up-and-coming architecture firm, at Christian Liaigre, participating in the success of the star brand that combines furniture creation and interior design. She then joins Philippe Starck’s agency as a manager, and becomes an associate of Starck Network. After nine years with the iconic designer, Dorothée Boissier creates her own agency with her partner Patrick Gilles.

Born in Sevilla, Patrick Gilles grows up in the southeast of France in Marseilles and then Montpellier. He goes to Paris to study at Camondo school for graphic and interior design before he joins Christian Liaigre’s agency. He works there for nine years during which he participates in key projects and creates, with Christian Liaigre, all of the furniture. This is also where he meets Dorothée. He then creates his own independent interior design agency, PG Studio. Facing ever-growing demand, Patrick and Dorothée have no other choice than to create their own agency in 2004.

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